Communication Companion is a platform to prepare everyday conversation talking points

People often prepare for important conversations like job interviews, media interviews, public speaking, etc. by writing down an entire word-to-word script (bad idea!).

A more effective way to prepare for communications, and in-fact conversations is by developing 3-5 key points. Use Communication Companion to develop 3-5 key points on various types of questions – personal and professional. This helps you be an effective, structured, and strong communicator. Speaking is a form of communication and is something we do on an hourly basis.

Our founder, Honey Patel, use to utilize google documents to prepare for conversations. She would jot down key points for any upcoming important conversations such as job interviews, 1:1 with her manager, leadership coaching calls, etc. Over time, she started preparing responses to key questions on self-awareness, relationships, personal and professional ambitions, etc.

All this helped her developed strong communication skills in every-day life. This proven method of writing down key points to questions as a prep tool motivated her to build Communication Companion – a space for people to browse questions and prepare 2-3 points responses.