Become a Better Communicator

Prepare for any conversation with questions and answers.
Questions and answers are foundational to how we
communicate and connect with ourselves and others.

How It Works

Prepare a three-point
response to questions

(library of 500+ questions or add your own)

Practice them, so you can
nail it anytime, anywhere

Be an effective

Prepare talking points for everyday communications

Talking points have been traditionally used for important public communications such as media interviews, executive communications, townhall-type meetings, etc.

Talking points provide a roadmap, direction, and specific verbiage to help communicate key ideas and get your core message across. Talking points are not intended to be 'scripts'.

The goal of talking points is to have pre-crafted soundbites consisting of 3-5 key messages. Use communication techniques to have a structured and effective response to questions.

Become a confident communicator, increase self-awareness, and build meaningful relationships

  • Guide a conversation
  • Acquire knowledge
  • Generate ideas
  • Influence a relationship
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Build empathy
  • Solve problems
  • Communicate effectively

Prepare to respond to questions effectively in any situation – professional, personal, etc.

  • Job Interviews
  • Podcast Prep
  • Media Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Mentor / Coach Discussions
  • 1:1s with Managers, Teammates, etc.
  • Important talks with Family & Friends
  • Any Conversation!